About Us

CDT Equipaments was created in 2012 and arises with the ambition to create a reference sports brand in Portugal. A brand in which national production and use of the Portuguese product were a business card. CDT Equipamentos distinguishes itself by offering a personalized service that allows us to design and develop an exclusive equipment and / or clothing line for each club.

To achieve this goal, we have formed an enterprising team with a vast know-how and competence that allows us to offer a wide range of quality products at a competitive price. It is, of course, with great pride that we see a strong acceptance of the market and, in this way, we are present in the main national championships of Soccer, Handball, Futsal and Roller Hockey.

Comfort, perspiration and durability are key factors for sports performance. CDT Equipamentos also stands out for the quality of the raw material used in which the implementation of polyester with lycra has proven to be a good bet. In a complementary area, we have a solid structure, with familiar roots and with a tradition of four decades in the trade of all the accessories accessories to the sport.

The combination of all these components and the continued pursuit of excellence make CDT your ideal partner.